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Supporting "Relaxation" programme

"Nothing gets us going on our way better than a break." (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

If you want to add more variety to your seminar and clear your head? We are happy to organise one of the following additional programmes for you:

Cooking course

Would you like to improve your team skills in a different way? Or if cooking was simply never your forté, a cooking course is just the thing for you! Together with one of our cooks, you will prepare a menu selected in advance, and learn that smooth co-operation in a hotel kitchen is only possible if everyone works as a team. We provide aprons, head coverings, food, cutlery and recipes. You'll prepare your evening meal yourself (with the help of our cook), and naturally, setting the table is a part of the process. Table cloths, napkins and cutlery await you!

  • Provision of the kitchen, food, tableware, and personnel expenditure (briefing, assistance)
  • Beverages during the cookery course and with dinner
  • Kitchen cleaning

Price 109,00 € per person

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(up to max. 16 participants)

Come aboard the "MS Flair Park-Hotel Ilshofen"

and enjoy an unforgettable evening with your colleagues with a dream ship atmosphere at the Captain´s Dinner


  • A glass of champagne on arrival
  • A festive, 5-course meal
  • Drinks with the meal
  • Appropriate, exclusive wines, soft drinks, beer, coffee from 7 - 11 pm
  • A digestif, cognac or grappa
  • Wonderful maritime decorations


  • Salad of wild herbs with a fig dressing and baked prawns in a champagne tempura
  • Poached cod served with peppergrass  Lemon and artichoke risotto with a lobster foam
  • Lemongrass curry soup with roasted quail's breast
  • Surf 'n turf: a saddle of veal with a truffle crust  with Barolo spaghetti and glazed vegetables
  • Ice-cream bombe in magic fire

Price per person: 97,00 €
Live-music also available– prices on request

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Das Quiz mit Biss. Ihr Dinnerevent.

Sie wollen ihre Gäste auf pfiffige Art und Weise zusammenbringen, unterhalten und begeistern? Dann könnte das Dinner-Event Quizine genau das Richtige für Sie sein. Der multimediale Rätselspaß, den Maik Hörz von der Agentur Hotelentertainment entwickelt hat, ist momentan der Renner bei Firmenevents, Incentives und Privatveranstaltungen. Neben dem hohen Spaßfaktor ist vor allem das kinderleichte Spielprinzip ein Grund für den großen Erfolg von Quizine.


  • Tablets nach Gästeanzahl
  • WLAN-Router
  • Beamer (je nach Paket) sowie die Moderatoren 

for more information - only in german (450 KB)

Archery in the hotel park

Traditional instinctive archery is perfect for rounding off a seminar or a conference. It increases your ability to concentrate and promotes team spirit. Further advantages: stress reduction, promotion of goal-oriented thinking, motivation by a concrete challenge and direct experiences of success…

  1. Target shooting: here, 2 mobile targets are assembled. After a short briefing, participants will have the opportunity to improve their shooting skills.
  2. Mini parcours through the hotel park: a mobile target and at least 3 further stations (dummy animals) are set up. The stations are adapted to the requirements of the group. Shots are fired both at close and long range. Will you hit the (pretend) wild boar hidden in the undergrowth? If so desired, the event can also be arranged as a competition.

Duration: dependent on customer's request, 1.5 to 2 hours

  • Use of the mobile targets
  • Loan of professional archery equipment
  • Accompaniment by experienced archers

up to 14 participants 623,00 €
more than 15 participants each more person 35,00 €

rahmenprogramm2 flair park groß 06502

Yoga - das nachhaltige Programm für Ihre Veranstaltung

Einführungskurs: Yoga zum Entspannen und Wohlfühlen

Dieses Rahmenprogramm bietet nicht nur eine kurzweilige Abwechslung während Ihres Meetings. Es kann nachhaltig Möglichkeiten zu mehr körperlicher und geistiger Leistungsfähigkeit aufzeigen. Eine ausgebildete Yogalehrerin führt Sie in 2 Stunden in die Grundlagen des Hatha Yoga ein.

Hatha Yoga beinhaltet:
Körperarbeit | Atemschulung | Geistesschulung | Achtsamkeitsübungen | Meditation

Stressreduzierung, körperliche und mentale Balance, Verbesserung der Atmung und Förderung der Tiefenatmung, Steigerung der Beweglichkeit, Verbesserung der Haltung, Schulung von Stabilität und Gleichgewicht, Reduktion des Bewegungsmangels, Verbesserung der Konzentrationsfähigkeit und mentale Stabilität.


  • Einführung und kleine Theorie
  • Übungen aus dem Hatha Yoga
  • Atem- und Konzentrationsübungen
  • Kleine Meditationseinheit
  • Zeit für Fragen
  • Bereitstellung der Yogamatten und Badetücher

up to 10 people 25,00 € per person
up to 15 people 19,00 € per person
up to 20 people 16,00 € per person
up to 25 people 14,00 € per person
up to 30 people price on request


It's not a scooter; it's not a hovercraft... It's the new way of getting about. An unforgettable highlight! Capable off road (lawn, gravel) or on the road. You will get acquainted with a new dimension of movement on an exciting obstacle course. A course is prepared according to your wishes, where you can put your Segway-driving skills to the test, and have a lot fun in the process. Also available in winter. .


  • Use of Segways and helmets
  • Setup and dismantling of the skills course
  • Instruction on how to use the devices
  • Guidance through the programme (presentation in German and/or English)
  • Trained local Guides
  • Insurance coverage for the agreed-upon area

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

up to 20 people: 1,000 €
up to 30 people: 1,250 €

Curling in the hotel park

If you thought curling was only possible in the winter, you'd be wrong: you can play this game all year. It is played with special ice sticks on natural-looking lanes, which can be illuminated with torches in winter. Here, you can experience pure fun whilst enjoying a relaxed game. A guide directs the game and gives tips. The winning team is announced at the end


  • Supply of the equipment
  • Setting up and dismantling
  • Instruction on how to use the equipment
  • Guidance through the programme (presentation)

Up to 15 people 562,00 €
With 16 people or more, each additional person costs 31,50 €

Canoe trips on the Kocher and Jagst

Explore the beautiful countryside of the Hohenlohe area by water. With a canoeing trip followed by a hearty cold snack, you will first glide quietly over the waves of the river, then paddle through rapids of a few kilometres, and later cross weirs. In fine weather, it's the ideal solution for breathing deeply and forgetting the stresses of the day.

2-hour tour on the River Kocher, from approx. 25,00 € per person Day tour (approx. 5 hours) on the River Kocher, from approx. € 35 per person

Nitzenhausen adventure quarry

(approx. 25 km away. Reservations on request, according to availability)

This unique location presents almost unlimited opportunities for multi-adventure and outdoor activities. From fast-paced, off-road quad rides, to mountain bike routes over natural terrain, to short hikes, navigating with GPS, the opportunities seem unlimited. Or perhaps you'd like to uncover some of nature's secrets? Then you can learn to read animal tracks or gather impressions on the "In touch with nature" course. When you're ready for a comfortable end to an eventful day, you can review the day's events in a rustic atmosphere over a barbecue or a Swabian picnic.

Have we piqued your interest? We will be happy to put together an individual programme for you.

Prices: depend upon activities requested

Summer time is barbecue time

You too can become grill master!
We provide our barbecue with all the trimmings available.
Incl. Provision of food, dishes, beer tent sets and firewood or charcoal

BBQ buffet even grilling:

potato salad, radish salad, cucumber salad, greek salad, pasta salad and leaf salad with our homemade dressing

turkey skewer with mushrooms, Pork belly, steak beef, Bratwurst, Spare Ribs

baked potato with sour cream, barbecue sauces, herb butter, homemade bread

Iced drinks are provided in wheelbarrows available billed according to consumption.

per person starts from 32,50 € (minimum 15 participants)
cook: 27,00 per hour

barbecue time:
between 12 a.m. to 10 p.m (meals only until 9 p.m.)


Please note that prices can vary, sometimes considerably, depending on the size of the group and the range of services chosen. If you are interested, we'll be happy to put together a fixed quote for you.

All suggestions are only bookable after a timely request for availability!

Your contact person

David Mettler
Assistent Manager Conference & Reception