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A visit to the "Flair Park-Hotel Ilshofen"
We were happy guests!

Klaus Dannenberg - Trainer, Trainertreffen Deutschland

Centrally located, in the triangle of the metropoles of Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, situated on the edge of the small town of Ilshofen in the region of Hohenlohe-Franconia, we found the Flair Park-Hotel Ilshofen– a four-star hotel that meets all the requirements of a good conference hotel!

Easy accessibility to Germany's southern half is only one characteristic that pleased us. Indeed, practically everything seemed to be just right! Our good impressions began at check-in, where both the facial expressions and voices of the hotel employees signalled in a friendly and natural way: You are cordially welcome here!

My wife and I are both trainers, so we stayed in a studio, which had everything we could wish for in terms of equipment, comfort and cleanliness. The desk in the large living area with telephone, fax and Wi-Fi was one of the things we liked, and we appreciated having our own coffee machine. Also the bedroom, the bathroom and separate toilet all quickly contributed to the feeling: you can experience a sense of well-being here.

With 9 conference areas ranging from 20 - 400 m2, this hotel has the status of an excellent conference and event hotel, and even small fairs can be accommodated. A large terrace and the well-maintained outdoor area, which serves as a passageway to a small park, complete the options for hosting successful events. It goes without saying that both the terrace and the outdoor area can be used for seminars. We had the impression that everything one could reasonably think of or wish for is made possible– service, special efforts and natural friendliness, which can be hard to find!

Just one small example of the friendliness we experienced: as I was leaving my room with my suitcase on the last day, the maid had just arrived on the corridor with her big service trolley. She spotted me, then took a few steps back to open the door to the stairwell for me, and said "Goodbye, I hope you have a lovely day."

In conference hotels, we have frequently noticed that the cuisine does not always meet our rather sophisticated demands for healthy, delicious food. But even on this point, the Flair Park-Hotel Ilshofen deserves special praise: from the meals themselves, to the way we were greeted and served by the restaurant staff, to the excellent drinks, we were truly spoiled. The empathy and attentiveness of the staff deserves praise, as does their manner of speaking to us and preserving guests' privacy. A successful evening! If you would like further details about wellness as well as the extra activities and incentives offered, you should get in touch with the hotel directly or visit it. As a trainer of many years I must have stayed in well over 100 hotels in Germany. From my experience, I can thoroughly recommend the Flair Park-Hotel Ilshofen, which is also a partner hotel of Trainertreffen Deutschland.

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