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Conference rooms

Our Conference Room Overview

Conference Rooms personhoehe variation 1 variation 2 variation 3 variation 4 sommer auto
Ansbach 52 m²  3,00 18-27 12-18 16-24 32 checkbox fc249 checkbox leer 52e06
Ulm 52 m² 3,00 18-27 12-18 16-24 32 checkbox fc249 checkbox leer 52e06
Coburg 30 m² 3,00 - - 18 - checkbox fc249 checkbox leer 52e06
Günzburg 26 m² 3,00 - - 12 - checkbox fc249 checkbox leer 52e06
Messe 1 140 m² 3,00 44-66 24-36 28-42 90 checkbox fc249 checkbox fc249
Messe 2 80 m² 3,00 18-27 16-24 20-30 40 checkbox fc249 checkbox leer 52e06
Messe 3 110 m² 3,00 30-45 18-27 24-36 60 checkbox fc249 checkbox leer 52e06
Kombination: Messe 1 - 3 400 m² 3,00 180 - - 300 checkbox fc249 checkbox fc249
Heidelberg 160 m² 3,00 30-45 18-27 24-36 60 checkbox fc249 checkbox leer 52e06
Meetingpoint Ilshofen 20 m² 3,00 - - 6 - checkbox fc249 checkbox leer 52e06


"Exhibition hall" event area

Our 400 m² exhibition hall is situated on the lowest floor of the hotel, and offers ample space for extensive product presentations, fashion shows and many guests, customers or employees!

Room-height windows give good views of the hotel's expansive green areas and beer garden. In summer, you'll have excellent opportunities to host your conferences outdoors.

If necessary, movable wall parts make it possible to divide the large room into 2 or 3 individual areas at short notice. Thus up to 3 conference rooms are created, measuring 80, 110 and 140 square metres and each with a separate entrance. We serve small snacks in the communal entrance hall during your coffee breaks.

You'll also find under-floor power supplies for electricity, technical gases, water and waste water present– perfect for practical demonstrations of machines. And the special highlight: you can drive right into our exhibition area by car, via the entrance to our own underground car park, making the area particularly suited to demonstrations of new products or training events for the automotive, motorbike and machine industries.

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The Ulm Room and Ansbach Room

Ideal surroundings for creative working: both rooms are on the main floor of the hotel, yet away from the everyday bustle of hotel and restaurant operations. The light-flooded rooms offer plenty of space to groups of up to 20 people for concentrated, peaceful working.

If necessary, the rooms can be made darker with shutters.

a UlmENa AnsbachEN

pic Ansbach1pic Ansbach3pic Ulm2


Ilshofen Meeting Point

The meeting place for undisturbed discussions!

Intensive conferences where a small group can meet and communicate undisturbed. Whether you need to set goals, create new marketing strategies or discuss budgets, you are guaranteed to be undisturbed, so you can concentrate fully on what matters at this meeting point in the middle of the hotel park, right next to the tennis courts– and you won't have to compromise on comfort or forego modern conference technology. From the coffee machine to the DVD player with flat screen, everything is available and already included in the conference package. At the beginning of your day, we will supply the room with coffee break snacks of your choice and fill the fridge with drinks, so you can be left almost completely on your own. But only "almost", because of course lunch and dinner are served in our restaurant, which you reach by way of the park, thus snatching a few minutes of fresh air. Should anything be missing, you can of course contact us by telephone or fax. The Ilshofen Meeting Point– a creative space where you can hold a seminar undisturbed with 6-8 people.

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The Coburg Room and Günzburg Room

Both rooms are on the same floor as the hotel reception and offer space for up to 18 people. Brightly and comfortably furnished, they offer an appropriate place for meetings, discussions or group work. Both rooms can be reached via the hotel foyer. In addition, the Coburg Room has two separate entrances.

a coburgENa guenzburgEN



Heidelberg Hall

You can celebrate undisturbed in the exclusive surroundings of the elegantly furnished Heidelberg Ballroom, which can be divided into two areas with a curtain. Perhaps you are planning a special surprise, which the curtain should later open to reveal?!! Ideal for weddings, family celebrations or annual parties, the room offers space for up to 60 people, who you can receive undisturbed by a separate entrance and your own entrance hall. But don't worry, we are of course "only a door away" and available to you at any time during your event.

The room also has a spacious, directly accessible terrace, which is ideal for receptions and other outdoor events..

a heidelbergEN