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Enjoyment to suit your every mood

Whether you fancy an exclusive menu in a dignified atmosphere, or you'd like to sample regional dishes in a cosy, rustic setting, our two hotel restaurants offer excellent culinary variety. To suit the restaurant and dishes you select, we can serve you beer specialities from the Löwen brewery in Schwäbisch Hall, the Bitburger brewery, and fine wines from our wine list. Accredited as a "House of Baden-Württemberg Wines", we are especially eager to introduce our guests to the variety of winegrowers in the region. Our accolade as a member of "Schmeck bei Süden" further guarantees cuisine prepared from fresh, regional products from Baden-Württemberg.

Savour the culinary temptations!

Our bistro-bar lounge, "Bajazzo" is one of the most popular meeting places in the hotel: for revellers, hotel guests or simply sitting together with friends in a pleasing atmosphere. At the end of a long working day, after a day's sightseeing in the Hohenlohe area, to get in the holiday mood, or perhaps to enjoy lively conversation to a background of soft music after dinner, it's the perfect spot to review the day in peace.

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