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Rent a Bike

Rent a Bike in Flair Park-Hotel in Ilshofen Rent a Bike in Flair Park-Hotel in Ilshofen Rent a Bike in Flair Park-Hotel in Ilshofen

Explore the local area by bike. Hohenlohe has numerous places of interest to discover and a network of romantic cycle paths offers interesting rides away from the traffic. The Kocher-Jagst cycle path and the Deutsche Burgenstrasse and Limestrasse cycle paths are especially recommended. You can obtain the appropriate maps and route tips from reception. Six new touring bikes are available for hire from the hotel bike cellar for a small fee.

Let's go– get back in the saddle!

Hire fees for touring and mountain bikes:

  • 2 hours 4,00 €
  • 1 day 10,00 €



Electric bikes

Clever Cycling in Flair Park-Hotel in Ilshofen Clever Cycling in Flair Park-Hotel in Ilshofen

Clever cycling: a holiday experience by electric bike. If you fancy exploring the Kocher and Jagst cycle paths, with double the cycling fun for half the effort, an electric bicycle tour is just the thing for you!

For more details please ask at reception.

Rental costs:

  • Short trip (up to 2 hrs) 7,00 €
  • Whole day 20,00 €



Keep active: Nordic Walking

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From the starting point at the Flair Park-Hotel Ilshofen, a beautiful Nordic walking route explores the Klingfels castle ruins. It is a very challenging route due to the gradient and the Schmerachklinge river crossing. The length of this circular route (No. 13) is 14.9 km.

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Download Rundtour 13 "Burg Klingenfels"

You can find more connecting cycle paths and circular routes here:


Nordic Walking in Ilshofen Nordic Walking in Ilshofen