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Biker's Paradise - mit dem Motorrad durch Hohenlohe

The Hohenlohe region has much to offer motorcyclists: picturesque roads nestle along the Kocher and Jagst rivers, then winding stretches loop up to the Hohenlohe Plains. Again and again, new panoramic views open up to bikers, and small villages with cosy inns are perfect for short breaks.

This countryside is not called "Swabian Tuscany" for nothing: during a bike tour, the Hohenlohe Plain unfolds as a charming, rolling rural landscape with quiet, winding country roads.

Biker Specials: our slogan for your stay with your motorbike is "Feel free!" That means: a short arrival journey, comfortable rooms, beautiful day tours to places of interest, and well-prepared route tips for fans of winding roads.

Motorradbrochure (German, PDF 3,5 MB)

Weekend and overnight special "Biker's paradise Hohenloher Landscape"Biker's paradise Hohenloher Landscape"


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