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In the hotel

Sauna and swimming pool

Find time for yourself, enjoy the peace and quiet and switch off with a good book or simply admire the views. The sauna and swimming pool invite you to have a relaxing short break, where you can recharge body and soul. Let off steam in the Finnish sauna, wash off under the dousing shower, swim a few quiet lengths in the pool and finally relax on a recliner. Enjoy a break from everyday life!

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Tennis courts

Fancy an exciting match? Both courts are situated towards the top of our parkland. A convenient grill BBQ is available for everyone, not just sports enthusiasts. No opponent? No problem: we are happy to organise a suitable partner or even a qualified coach for you. (Booking fee € 10 per hour, court reservation necessary, tennis racquets and balls can be borrowed from reception).

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Volleyball court

After an arduous day of seminars, perhaps you'll fancy a little exercise. How about a volleyball match?

You can borrow a volleyball from reception.



Skittle alley

And again: strike!

As a welcome break from a conference, or simply as a relaxed leisure pastime in a convivial atmosphere: our skittle alley is always a popular meeting place for small and large groups.

Why not put your sporting prowess to the test? For a small fee, two skittle alleys are at your disposal, so you can enjoy a match with friends or business partners. Please discuss reservations (dates, etc.) with our staff at reception.

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Hotel park

The hotel's green oasis of relaxation. Take a short morning or evening walk through our park.

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