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Excursion destinations for cyclists and hikers

Freilandmuseum Wackershofen Jagsttal

  • Burgberg (634 m, Crailsheim)
    with lookout tower, restaurant, playground and barbecue pit
  • Einkorn (510 m, Schwaebisch Hall)
    with lookout tower, restaurant, playground and barbecue pit 
    as well as a launching area for paragliders and hang gliders
  • Hammerschmiede (Groeningen)
    technical museum, memorial and restaurant
  • Nature reserve Reußenberg (Black Puddle)
  • Open-air museum Hohenlohe (Wackershofen):
    the historical buildings give a visual look into early living.
  • Roman museum and Limes path (Mainhardt):
    hike on the trails of the ancient Romans!

Hike with the water along the twin rivers - Kocher and Jagst . Take a side trip along one of the charming tributary streams (Schmerachklinge, Grimmbachtal etc.)

Kocher-Jagst bicycle trail (

Varied bike trails lead you in several stages along the rivers Kocher and Jagst.