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Cities with historic centres

Historische Städte

Interesting museums


Fortresses and Castles
in Hohenlohe Landscape

Burgen und Schlösser

Cities with historic centres

Schwäbisch Hall

Schwaebisch Hall bei Nacht 89368 Schwaebisch Hall e1f52 Freilichtspiele Michealstreppe d43b3

The former city of salt on the Kocher has a reason to celebrate in 2006: the city and the St. Michael's church are celebrating their 850-year anniversary. Almost unchanged, the middle age way and streets present the visitor with a trip though the former sovereign city. The unforgettable city picture will be imprinted on the visitor from the walls of the toll collectors, to Neubausaal, numerous open timber framed wood houses that are perched on hills, and the innumerable stairs. Unique is the light-footedness with which every year in summer during the Freilichspiele festival, actors flit over the 53 stairs of St. Michael's church. The wonderful market square transformed into a fascinating theatre.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Schlossgarten Rothenburg aa0bd Marktplatz Rothenburg 9377d Rathaus Rothenburg fa21b

Even today, this only free city is a highlight for tourists from across the world. It is like almost no other city with its centre of German romantic architecture, mixed with Gothic churches, a tower rich city wall, hidden ways and lovingly restored wood and open timber framed houses lets history live. The city wall has 34 gates and wall towers that encapsulate the historic city centre - our recommendation - Take time for a walk around!

A particular piece of art is the altar of the holy blood from Tilman Riemenschneider in the Jakobs church. A Middle Ages criminal museum, the old Rothenburg handcrafts house, a puppet and toy museum and guide guests through the ages. Highlights in the city life include the yearly Reichsstadt Festival, the historic shepherd dance and the Christmas market in the streets of the historic city. By the way, in the store Käthe Wohlfahrt-Weihnachtsdorf you can visit Christmas 365 days of the year.


Weinmarkt c6d4c Rothenburger Tor c264e Baeuerlinsturm

Dinkelsbuehl is located on the Romantic Road, approximately 35 kms from Ilshofen. The complete historic inner city is one of the meaningful cultural memorials in Europe. Our tip: Experience the Middle Age ambiance through a walk through the narrow ways, along the city walls or in the old town and through the Patrician houses, the walls, towers and doors.

Every year the residents of Dinkelsbuehl celebrate their city festival with the so-called "Kinderzeche".


Vellberg 61baf Vellberger Stadtmauer c4b59

Residents of Vellberg speak of their little city with love as they describe the charming city centre that towers over the Buehlertal river. It almost seems that the castle at Vellberg still lords over the area. A powerful bastion of history, the castle and the city centre has been carefully restored and is now under historic protection. The castle and the surrounding buildings are currently used for gastronomic purposes. It is worthwhile to tour around underground entrances, the powerful fortifications and walls.

A highlight of the year is the Wine Festival, in which since 1966, wine flows from the market fountain. For the ritual bringing of the wine cask, thousands of guests flock to the historic city centre.

Across from the fortified walls of the historic centre, on the other side of the Buehler river, there is the Stoeckenburg with the Martin's Church, and while there is not much remaining of the residence, it is worthwhile to see the old choir that was constructed in 1500 and is a treasured sacred art work in the region of Wuerttemberg-Franken.


Langenburg b3aaa Schlosshof Langenburg 9e72b Schlossgarten Langenburg b7f00

The Langenburg Castle is located on a mountaintop that peers down over the Jagsttal. The renaissance architecture of the castle, forms the Western tip of the city and was in part the residence of the reigning families of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. The city itself has grownto become a small treasure along the spine of the mountain. The view of the valley is worth the visit: the view form the terrace of the Castle cafe is unique and is as important a part of a visit to Langenburg as a sampling of the 'Wiebele', a sweet baked mini biscuit that is still made according to a secret recipe.

Kirchberg an der Jagst

Kirchberg 77206 Kirchberg 2 66a40

On a fortified level above the Jagsttal lays Kirchberg, a former residence of a baroque Predict. The pristine and lively old town has a romantic charm out of days gone by. The citizen's houses from the Middle Ages into period of Classisism surround one, as do the romantic gardens in this small city. The city is situated along the former trail from Schwaebisch Hall and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Today Kirchberg is surrounded by the green of the Hohenlohe landscape undisturbed by the noise of traffic.


Schloss Weikersheim 79486 Schlosspark 833dc

As an official residence of the House of Hohenlohe, Weikersheim is representative of a jewel of country living. Castle, park and city make an idyllic harmonic picture and are often praised. The area is dominated by the Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles and many historic buildings, for example the Weikersheimer Castle, the city church, numerous houses and vineyard houses forming the historic centre are collectively under historic protection. A walk through the imposing baroque castle park should end at the orangey – as from here there is a wonderful view of the Tauber valley.

Interesting Museums

Freilandmuseum Wackershofen f7271 Hammerschmiede Gröningen Kunsthalle Wuerth 0852a

Some museums listed here are linked to a website, that holds more information about the museum.

Fortresses and Castles in Hohenlohe Landscape

Schlosspark 3d3b5 Langenburg b3aaa Burg Jagsthausen 4c5f2

  • Deutschordenschloss Bad Mergentheim
  • Schloss Honhardt
  • Burgruine Leofels
  • Schloss Bartenstein
  • Kloster Comburg (Schwäbisch Hall)
  • Schloss Langenburg
  • Schloss Neuenstein
  • Burg und Schloss Stetten
  • Schloss Weikersheim